Ready to Race Bundle


Sim Motion Ready To Race GT Bundle
Sim Motion GT1 Chassis with Seat
Simagic Alpha Mini GT1 - Round Wheel
Heusinkveld Sprint 2 Pedals Set + BasePlate

Our Ready To Race Bundle:

The Sim-Motion GT1 Chassis is a fully adjustable gaming machine. The SM Chassis is a very study rig with adjustable pedal plate and wheel mount suitable for Direct Drive. The SM-GT is predrilled for all the big name brands in Peripherals.

The Sim-Motion GT Chassis Dimensions


Simagic Alpha Mini GT Direct Drive Steering System

The kit comes with a complete with the Simagic leather bound GT steering wheel, which again, makes it suitable for all types of Digital Motorsport.

The wheel has an extremely sturdy quick release system that is commonly found on real-world competition cars, making changes between your road or race car and your sim entirely possible!

The GT wheel rim features:

    4 high end push buttons
    2 x 3 way toggle switches
    2 rotary encoders
    Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw and paddle ear adjustments.
    Zero-Flex Quick Release System
    Wireless connection


     M10 DDW Motor (Max 10 nm torque)
     Round or D steering rim with leather or suede
     Custom made carbon fibre + aluminum panel
     4 x push buttons
     2 x toggle switch
     2 x rotary encoders
     Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw
     Single power supply unit with on/off button
     Motor mount brackets included

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals

2 pedal set