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Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate Plus (Clutch Only)

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*This is the Clutch Pedal Only*

You can find the product manual and tutorial videos in the Support section of the Heusinkveld website. A printed manual is included with every pedal set.

Clutch pedals often get lighter towards the end of their travel. The Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate feature a regressive spring mechanism allowing you to greatly adjust the effort, travel and feel. The maximum pedal effort of 45kg or 100lbs is again far greater than that of regular consumer grade pedals, but lighter settings are easily selected. Various obtainable feel settings are drawn in the chart below.

If you want to add a single clutch pedal to your existing Sim Pedals Ultimate pedal set, order this product.

The clutch has an RJ9 plug and can be connected to your Sim Pedals Ultimate controller board (as long as it has a free RJ9 socket).

This product is compatible with the PC / Windows platform. It cannot be used on consoles such as Xbox or Playstation

Shipped from the US