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Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel

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  • Perforated Leather Grips
  • Toray Carbon Fiber
  • Magnetic Dual Clutch Paddles
  • 4.3-inch Built-in Digital Dash
  • Customized Quick Release from Real Racing
  • Customizable RGB RPM and Shift Indicator
Size 280mm Standard Racing Wheel (13 inches)
Plate Material 4.3 Inches
Digital Dash Resolution 800*480
Grip Material Perforated Leather
Frame and Front Plate Material 5mm-thick Carbon Fiber
Shifter Paddles Material 3 mm-thick Carbon Fiber
Housing Material Aviation-grade Aluminum
Magnetic Shifter Paddles 2
Dual Clutch Paddles 2
Luminous Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps 10
Thumb Knobs (pressable) 2
Band Knobs 5
LED Lamp Beads 10
LED Colors 7 Customizable Colors
Intelligent Telemetry Supported
Light Adjustment Supported
Releasing Method Quick Release
Transmission Mode Wireless / USB
Paddle Sensor Non-contact Photoelectric Sensor
Dual Clutch Paddle Mode Synthesis Axis/Independent Axis/button