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Unreal Racing HeelPad

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HeelPad for Sim Racers

The Unreal Racing HeelPad is made for racing without shoes. The HeelPad is a multilayer cushion for the heels. Ideal for sim racers who prefer to drive without shoes for better pedal feel.

Comfort + Pedal Feel = Focus & Performance
Many racers opt to drive without shoes for better pedal feel, but that often results in heel fatigue. The HeelPad overcomes this problem and allows you to race comfortably without shoes, so your pedal inputs are more controlled and precise.

» Padding & support. Essential if you race without shoes.
» Comfort & focus. More comfort means more focused driving.
» Pedal feel & control. The reason many sim racers drive without shoes.
» Stays in place. Non-skid bottom layer. Also includes a velcro strip for extra secure mounting.