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Moza Racing HGP Shifter

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Moza HGP Gate Shifter Specifications

Table Clamp Available here:

  • 7+R
  • The MOZA HGP Shifter features seven forward and one reverse gear, meeting the needs of multiple simulation scenarios.
  • Realistic Feeling
  • The patented shifting mechanism includes a shock-absorbing damping system. Engineered to make every gear shift a positive, smooth, and satisfying experience.
  • H Pattern with Locked R and 7th Gear
  • Requiring downward pressure to engage, both reverse and 7th gear are locked to prevent accidental selection.
  • Modify your shift lever with aftermarket knobs.
  • Intelligent Downshift Throttle blip System
  • The first-ever intelligent downshift system designed by MOZA RACING features automatic downshift throttle blipping negating the need for difficult-to-master heel and toe shifts. Greatly improving the smoothness and balance of the vehicle during downshifts this auto blip function is fully selectable and customizable in Moza Pit House.
  • 15-bit High Precision Angle Sensor
  • The MOZA HGP shifter utilizes a 15-bit non-contact high precision angle sensor, ensuring positive and precise shifting and a long maintenance-free life.
  • Easy to Mount
  • The MOZA HGP Shifter is both ergonomically and beautifully engineered and is easily mounted on most racing rigs. For desk users, there is also a dedicated desk clamp available separately.
  • Direct Connection to the PC or Wheelbase
  • The MOZA HGP Shifter can be connected directly to a pc via a USB cable or to a wheelbase with a compatible shifter port.
  • Patented Dust-proof Cover
  • Inspired by real-life cars, the patented funnel-shaped dust cover is used to prevent dust from entering the shifter’s internal mechanism whilst maintaining a sleek and clean look.