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Moza Racing KS Steering Wheel

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The KS is MOZA's E-sports ready, GT style racing wheel. With its sleek butterfly design and 300mm size, this wheel is built to deliver the ultimate immersion and realism.

The KS wheel case is crafted from carbon fiber reinforced composites, which provide superior texture, durability and strength. Additionally, the quick-release connection structure has been strengthened using high-strength steel to ensure ultimate firmness and security during the sharpest turns at maximum force feedback.

Size 300 MM
Grip Material Injection Molded TPE Rubber Grips
Shifter Paddles Material Aluminum Alloy
Magnetic Shifter Paddles 2
Dual Clutch Paddles 2
Luminous Short Travel Buttons
High Brightness LEDs
Thumb Knobs (pressable) 2
LED Colors 8 Customizable Colors
Intelligent Telemetry Supported
LED Adjustment Supported
Releasing Method Moza Quick Release
Communication Method
Wireless or via Industrial Conductive Slip Ring
Paddle Sensor Non-contact Hall Sensor