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PT Actuator Champion GT Edition

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Champion GT Edition

PT Actuator introduces their new 3DOF, all in one 100 MM Actuator kit and we have them in stock for immediate shipping

The Champion GT edition makes for the perfect addition to any aluminum extrusion chassis and is truly plug and play.  


  • Central core controller(AMC-SRS 4in1)
  • PTA-E-stop button 1 pc ( LAN cable inside )
  • PTA-Champion Multiple in One Metal Enclosure 1pc
  • All Shield PT-Actuator servo system specially for sim racing/flight (flange size 60 with 600w) 4pcs
  • Actuator captive floor cups 4 pcs
  • Champion GT actuators (Speed:300mm/s, Force:150kg, Stroke:100mm/3.94 inches) 4pcs
  • PT-Actuator Long-term ball screw 1605/diameter 16mm lead screw:5mm
  • Champion actuator mounting brackets for rig/cockpit ( PT LOGO ) 4 pcs
  • Power&Encoder cables (3 meters/ 9.84 feet ) 4pcs
  • Compatible with Sim Racing Systems Motion Software (Recommended)

Specification for Champion GT 

  • Heave (disp/vel/accel.) ±125 mm, ±250 mm/s
  • Pitch (disp/vel/accel.) ±7°, ±20°/s, 210°/s2
  • Roll (disp/vel/accel.) ±15°, ±35°/s, 280°/s2
  • Supported Max Weight: 300 kg
  • Product Weight: 29 kg
  • Boxed Weight – 34k

Spec Sheet HERE