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Asetek SimSports Forte Pedal Face Plates

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The all-aluminum Forte Pedal Face Plates are a sock-friendly, quick-to-mount accessory to your Invicta™ Sim Racing Pedals. The face plates can be adjusted to your preferred setting for the best sim racing experience.

The 2pcs set includes two pedal face plates for brake and throttle.

The 3pcs set includes three pedal face plates for brake, throttle, and clutch.


Forte clutch pedal face plate is included in the Invicta Clutch System.


  • Throttle Pedal Face Plate: 120 mm x 55 mm
  • Brake Pedal Face Plate: 90 mm x 75 mm
  • + Clutch Pedal Face Plate: 90 mm x 55 mm