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D-Box Generation 5 4250i Haptic System with 4 Actuators and Brackets

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Always wanted to reach the next level of your sim racing journey? Look no further than D-BOX’s all new G5 haptic system. Their combination of both motion and vibrations in a single extremely high-end package is truly the ultimate add-on for any serious sim racer, allowing them to unleash their true potential, through cues so precise, it’ll feel like the real thing!

Licensed by the FIA, D-BOX's new generation of haptic products are ultra-realistic, incredibly precise and endlessly reliable. They combine high-fidelity motion and vibrations in a compact and easy to set up package! You can order yours today!

G5 improves on the success of D-BOX’s latest generation, G3, by coming in a package that requires only a single controller for 4 actuator setups. G5 also launches with D-BOX’s all new “adaptive gaming mode” allowing users to create their own haptic experience straight from the Game Center!

  • Access to a vast catalogue of content and games (over 90 games), with premium high-fidelity haptic feedback created in collaboration with gaming studios for ultimate realism.
  • Watch movies, series & more, right from your sim racing rig. With the new D-BOX Coded Video Mode, you have access to more than 2,200 movies, television series, music and more to be enjoyed with D-BOX's high-fidelity haptic feedback right from your sim racing rig!
  • The ALL NEW ability to experience ANY PC game with haptic feedback thanks to NEW D-BOX Adaptive Gaming Mode
  • Little to no maintenance required.
  • Complete haptic package of BOTH vibrations and motion feedback all from the G5 system. No shakers or other devices required.
  • Granular, subtle feedback perfected by working with professional drivers and the FIA that translates into precise cues such as traction loss, to create an extremely realistic and immersive haptic experience.
  • Feedback easily tailored to your exact likings in our Game Center, where you can toggle features and create different user profiles.
  • Easy setup process from hardware to software and simple cable management.

Simple Setup!

  • A single, smaller new processor for all 4 actuators, for a considerable space gains when mounting to any setup & significantly less wiring on installation.
  • Simple RJ45 (ethernet) connections from each actuator to the processor for a much smaller and faster setup, as well as simpler manipulation if a modification in actuator setup is required.
  • Instant selection of the desired voltage (110V or 230V) with simple switch for more flexibility with 2-in-1 solution. Safety mechanism in place to prevent user error.



  • 1x Haptic Bridge
  • 1x USB A to USB B Cable
  • 1x 10” USB extension cord
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x Plug Lock Insert
  • 16x Mounting screws
  • 4x Haptic Actuators with RJ45 wires pre-inserted
  • 3x Power Cables + 2x ‘’Y’’ Splitter
  • 4x Sim-Motion D-Box Mounting Brackets

Mounting Brackets Available Here: