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Heusinkveld Elastomer Kit for Brake

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This Elastomer Kit allows you to upgrade you Sim Pedals Sprint or Ultimate brake pedals to our latest injection molded thermoset brake elastomers.

The feel of your brake pedal is critical for your simulator experience. Continuous development has resulted in these new thermoset brake elastomers, which were first introduced on our Sim Pedals Ultimate+. You now have the option to replace your early spec Sim Pedals Sprint brake rubbers with these new thermoset elastomers.

Check before buying

Please note that these new elastomers may already be installed on your Sim Pedals Sprints and Ultimates. This is likely the case if you bought your pedals from December 2021 onwards.

If your rubbers/elastomers have markings on the top indicating length and resistance (‘soft’ or ‘hard’), you already have the new specification installed. If there are no markings, you have the earlier spec.


The key advantages of using these new elastomers compared to the early spec rubbers are as follows:

  • A much more progressive brake feel. When applying force to the brake initially there will be more travel. Then the brake pedal feel gradually but very clearly stiffens.
  • Firmer bump and rebound characteristics. Especially on rebound (eg. when you decrease the force you put on the brake) a smaller decrease of brake force is required for the pedal to start moving back to its starting position.
  • Further improved durability. Extensive testing has shown that these new elastomers have a near zero failure rate and show no performance degradation even after 1 million cycles.

We’d like to stress that this is an optional upgrade. Earlier spec brake rubbers will also serve you very well for years to come, albeit with slightly different performance characteristics.

Included parts

The Sim Pedals Sprint Elastomer Kit contains the following components:

  • 1x 19mm hard elastomer.
  • 1x 19mm soft elastomer.
  • 1x 28mm soft elastomer.
  • 1x 37mm soft elastomer.

The length and the hardness of the elastomer (soft/hard) is printed on the side of the elastomers.

All other components of the brake rubbers stack (such as the black discs and spacers) should be re-used from your original Sim Pedals Sprint brake.

Possible settings

The schematic below shows all possible stack configurations. The hardest setting is on top, the softest on the bottom.

Force curves

With this kit you can set a total of 6 force curves. All possible curves can be seen in the graph below. The hardest setting is on the left, the softest on the right.