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Moza Racing RS GT Wheel


The Moza Racing RS GT Style wheel comes wrapped in Italy Imported Alcantara (D SHAPE) / Nappa First Layer Leather (ROUND) . For use with Moza Racing R9, R16 and R21 direct drive wheel bases. 


Grip Material

(D SHAPE) Italy Imported Alcantara/ (ROUND) Nappa First Layer Leather

Frame Material Brushed Aluminum Alloy
Panel Material Forged carbon fibre
Shifter Paddle Material  3 mm-thick forged carbon fibre
Size 330mm GT Round or D Shape wheel
Magnetic Shifter Paddles 2
Dual Clutch Paddles 2
Mechanical Keyboard Texture Buttons 10
20-segment Knob (Can Be Pressed) 2
Universal Rocker (Can Be Pressed) 5
Racing Horn 1
LED Lamp Beads RGB 10
LED Colors Color customization
Intelligent Telemetry Yes
Light setting in MOZA Pit House Yes
Quick release
D1 spec quick release
Transmission Mode Wireless 
Paddle Sensor Contactless photoelectric sensor
Dual Clutch Shifter Paddle Modes Synthesis axis/Independent axis/button