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Moza Racing SR-P Pedal Set

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The Moza Racing SR-P pedal’s are machined with high-strength steel, giving superior quality and endurance.

Load Cell Pressure Sensor
The MOZA SR-P pedals utilize pressure sensors with a maximum range of 75KG. The pressure sensors will detect the braking pedal stopping pressure . A user can obtain the ideal braking force by controlling the amount of pressure applied on the braking pedal.

16-Bit High Precision Magnetic Encoder
The brake, clutch and throttle pedals all use 16-bit precision magnetic encoder with 65536 PPR resolution, a much higher resolution and more stable than a Hall sensor.


Overall Material

High Strength Steel

Max Range of Pressure Sensor

75 KG

Throttle Sensor

Angle Sensor

Clutch Sensor

Angle Sensor

Angle Sensor Resolution

16-bit (65336ppr)

Pedal Spacing and Height


Pedal Connection


Pedal Travel Software Adjustment