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VNM Simulation Pedal Baseplate

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When operating the VNM Simulation pedals near their maximum force capability, they need a very sturdy mount to your rig. If you want to mount your pedals to a baseplate first instead of mounting them individually, the VNM Pedal Baseplate is what you need.

If you do not want mount the pedals directly to your rig but want to put them on a baseplate first, we offer this optional rigid mounting solution. The VNM Pedal baseplate allows for flexible positioning of individual pedals and also comes with a heel plate.

The baseplate assembly consists of multiple elements: Aluminum extrusion 40x40 MM supports which you mount the pedals, a height adjustable heel plate as well as two brackets which are used to secure the baseplate to an underlying frame.

Mounting hardware is NOT supplied to mount the pedals to the baseplate. That hardware is included with the VNM pedals.