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VNM Simulation Pedal Set

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After hitting the market with their amazing shifter and handbrake in 2021, VNM Simulation Pedals are here to provide an amazing upgrade to any sim racing chassis. Whether you are a casual sim racer, or an eSports champion, these pedals are a great choice! 

Fully adjustable pedal geometry and force with a 200kg load cell 

VNM Pedal Specifications:
- Main parts are made of CNC aluminum with black anodization.
- All moving parts use ball bearings for smooth pedaling.
- The angle and height of the pedal can be adjusted.
- Throttle and Clutch use angle sensors and Brake use loadcell 200kg.
- High-quality and high-precision (external ADC 24bit) controller box using smart control software for calibration, setting up deadzones and travel curves.
- Optional adjustable 3 piece damper kit for all pedals

Please note that these pedals cannot be installed on a floor without further support, or in a wheel stand where there is no solid connection between the pedals in the seat. A full frame rig/simulator is always required for the VNM Pedals even if you use the optional Baseplate.

This product is compatible with the PC / Windows platform. It cannot be used on consoles such as Xbox or Playstation


Baseplate / Heel Rest
Damper Kit (for all three pedals)

Ships from the USA


Software / User Interface

Pedal and Damper kit installation Manual