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VNM Simulation 5DOF Motion Platform

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Presenting the VNM Simulation 5DOF Motion Platform Kit (Without Chassis and Seat)

Experience the pinnacle of motion simulation with the VNM Simulation 5DOF Motion Simulator Platform, designed to elevate your flight or racing experiences to unprecedented levels of realism and immersion.

Imagine being transported into the heart of the action, feeling every twist, turn, acceleration, and deceleration as if you were truly there. The VNM Simulation 5DOF Platform achieves this through its advanced motion dynamics, combining precision engineering with cutting-edge technology to replicate a wide range of movements with astonishing accuracy.

Whether you're racing on virtual tracks, piloting aircraft through turbulent skies, or exploring virtual worlds on foot, the VNM Simulator enhances every moment with its seamless integration of motion cues. This platform supports a wide variety of titles on a gaming PC using Sim Racing Studios Motion Software.

Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, the VNM Simulation 5DOF Motion Simulator Platform kit comes with everything you need to turn your Aluminum Extrusion, T-Slot chassis into a Five Degrees of Freedom motion simulator. (Chassis not included but you can purchase one here: Sim Motion Chassis )

Kit Includes:
4 x VNM 100mm Stroke Actuator
2 x VNM 100mm Stroke Actuator    
4 x VNM Actuator U-Mounting Bracket
1 x VNM Motion Cabinet V1 with 6 Driver (includes fans, atomat, EMI filter, connection box)
1 x VNM Motion Controller
1 x VNM Motion EMC Stop Button
4 x Actuator Feet
1 X Sim Racing Studios Motion System License

Weight: 85kg

The Actuators:

The product is entirely designed with metal construction. Featuring a shell produced using aluminum extrusion technology with hard anodized color coating. It is a smooth and quiet system with the use of TBI brand ball screws.

A travel distance: 150mm
A maximum speed: 250mm/s
Load capacity: 200kg
Powered by the ASSD 80ST-M02430 motor and driver assembly.
Weight: 12kg
Dimensions: 90x80x560mm (710mm at maximum travel).